Beretta Uniform Pro Evo Pouch With Mesh- Blue


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Gather all your empty shotgun hulls into the convenient Beretta Uniform Pro Pouch with Mesh Evo. The pouch features a tear resistant mesh with a zippered bottom for quick unload. The pouch comes with it’s own belt, or you can easily remove it to add to an existing shell pouch belt.

  •  Pouch with zippered resistant mesh for quick cartridge unload
  •  Adjustable belt with clip buckle closure
  •  Rigid and flexible hem for easy access
  •  Zip for bottom opening

Dimensions: 10.5 L x 1.75 W x 17.25 H

Color: Blue

Combine with the Beretta Uniform Pro Evo Shell Pouch to easily carry what you need for a round.

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