Securam Biometric Lock-Retro Fit Kit



The SecuRam Biometric Lock uses the uniqueness of an individual’s fingerprint as the combination in this advanced security solution. This electronic safe lock opens with either a fingerprint or a multi-digit code. It is highly secure and operates very quickly. Simple programming instructions are included. The electronic safe lock features and LCD Screen. This is a SecuRam lock retro fit kit for existing safes.

Additional Information

  • Patented One-Touch™ Auto Fingerprint Verification.
  • Unique self-learning function ensures easy operation with reduced False Rejection Rate.
  • Battery saving design with one 9V battery operation and low battery alert.
  • UL approved heavy duty EL-0601 Electronic Swing Bolt Actuator
  • Programmable 0~99 minutes time delay and 0~20 minutes time window.
  • Wrong password entry lock-out penalty.

Available for ground shipping only.

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