Men's Shooting Vests

How to Shop for Men's Shooting Vests

Choose a men's shooting vest that priortizes performance, comfort, and mobility to ensure easy movement when shooting. Whether you plan to go clay shooting, trap shooting, or skeet shooting you'll want a vest with:

Plenty of spacious pockets
Attachements for any essentials you need
Adjustable straps for a tailored fit
Pocket for a recoil protection pad
Our vests feature all of these things and more! Explore our brands to find the optimal shooting vest for you!



Beretta runs at least a size small. Please be cautious when ordering their products. 

Wildhare runs big, espcially in the sizes above 2X, please see the sizing chart for details.

When you size a shooting vest, you want to ensure the weight of the pockets rests on your hips, not on your shoulders. If you aren't able to cinch the waist in enough to make this happen, you may want to go down a size.